Modern jewelry with a classic twist

The path that has lead me to being the artist I am, making the jewelry I make, has at times seamed to meander as a river flows. Yet I feel that everything has been leading me to this point, preparing me for this task. The knowledge that I would have a jewelry line started long before I had any idea how to make jewelry.

I have identified myself as an artist from about the time that I understood the definition. I am the happiest in life when I am enjoying the privilege of making something. I worked primarily in black and white film photography for years before turning to jewelry.



The elements of wind fire earth water light

The inspiration to transition into a new direction came after I saw a traveling art show where a thousand wire wrapped rocks had been suspended in a grid pattern on the wall. At that point I realized how evocative the simple presentation of everyday objects could be. I started at this time making miniature mobiles from rocks, glass trade beads, and little bits, of surf tumbled shell fragments, I had gathered from the eastern coast of Florida. I felt these items in this form so perfectly represented the elements of life....

A handful of little heart shaped rocks   

To be continued

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classicly inspired modern jewelry